Accomplishments of the Environmental Advisory Committee for the Water District

On Tuesday, I presented an accomplishment report for the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC), where I’ve been the chair for the last two years.  You can hear (and possibly see) the proceedings here at their webcast archive.  My portion starts at 1:17:30, which you can find by scrolling down to Item 3 directly below the video and clicking, which occurred on the agenda out of order, after Item 13.  I didn’t discuss much of the accomplishment report, but you can read it by clicking the different Item 3, just to the left of the video (hope that’s not too confusing!).

Anyway, the Board of Directors had very nice things to say about our work.  Director Kamei and Director Mann said that we got a lot accomplished, and Director Santos complimented me for my work on behalf of CGF, “taking a stand” that has a significant influence in the County.

Director Wilson had a compliment for the entire EAC that I transcribed below:

This Commitee is one that has really learned how to bring about real change through its efforts and to understand the policy process that we have to go through and we’ve made real changes that I think you’re going to see more, based on input from the Environmental Advisory Committee.  I don’t know of any committee that’s had a greater impact in the last three or four years.  Thank you very much.

The whole thing’s about six minutes.


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