Action Alert: Tell the Los Gatos Town Council to Approve Wildlife-Friendly Fences

Photo Credit: Philippe Cohen

On Tuesday, June 18, the Los Gatos Town Council will consider an ordinance requiring new perimeter fences in hillside areas to be wildlife-friendly. Please email the Town Council or attend the meeting and let them know you support wildlife-friendly fencing.

What: Los Gatos Town Council meeting
When: Tuesday, June 18, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Los Gatos Town Council Chambers, 110 E. Main St. (lower level), Los Gatos

What’s Happening

In response to community concerns over animals being cut off from migration corridors and habitat areas, the Town Council of Los Gatos is considering whether to require all new fences built along the perimeter of hillside lots larger than 1 acre to be wildlife-friendly (i.e. to allow animals to jump over, climb under, or pass through the fence). This ordinance would only apply to new fences; already-existing fences would be exempt. In addition, the ordinance would require a 20-foot setback from riparian corridors.

Why It’s Important:

Protection of wildlife migration routes is critically important for the survival of local animal populations. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, including the Los Gatos hillside area, animals are often cut off from needed habitat areas by barriers such as fences, structures, and high-traffic roadways. Particularly when landowners build non-permeable fences (e.g. chain link fences or board fences) along the perimeter of their property, animals are not only blocked from migration routes, but may be forced into roadways where they may be struck by cars. This ordinance would give animals the space they need to move through the hillside areas in relative safety.

Please let the Town Council know that you support the wildlife-friendly fence ordinance!

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