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Letter to San Jose Envision 2040 Task Force on backloading North Coyote and East Evergreen

(The letter below was submitted to the San Jose General Plan Task Force, discussing why and how the City should “backload” development in the greenspace areas of North Coyote and east Evergreen until until other areas have been fully developed, if at all.  -Brian) Envision San Jose 2040 Task Force Re:  following the City Council’s...


Letter to Envision San Jose 2040 Task Force on "backloading" greenfield development

(We made some important progress with San Jose City Council, and this letter followed up on that issue.  -Brian) April 26, 2010 Envision San Jose Task Force Re:  Last week’s decision by the City Council to consider “backloading” greenfield development Dear Task Force Members; Committee for Green Foothills would like to thank the San Jose...


CGF Action Alert: Protect Open Space and Stop Bad Planning in San Jose’s Evergreen District!

(This may also be published on our Action Alert page, but in the interest of time, I’m putting it here on the blog as well. -Brian)————At their meeting on Tuesday, May 15, the San Jose City Council will decide whether to approve an updated Specific Plan for the Evergreen District that relies on an outdated...


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