Remind State Lands Commission You Want A Park

Thank you for signing the Burlingame Shoreline Nature petition to preserve publicly accessible open space on the Bay. We expect the California State Lands Commission to make their decision as to the use of the 9-acre parcel in August or September. Please take a moment to send an email to the Commission reminding them of your support for a nature park with climate-resilient features that is accessible to all.

What’s Happening

Even though we have submitted a petition with over 1,800+ signatures and a previous report by State Lands Commission staff demonstrated overwhelming public demand for a park, the Commission has received three proposals, at least one of which is for a hotel. The Commission could choose the hotel proposal on the site in an area that already has 14 hotels but only 1% of green space left. Now is the time to remind the Commission that the public prefers the entire site as a bayside nature park that will improve public access, increase wetlands restoration, and advance climate resilience.

Why It’s Important

As 90% of the Bay’s historic wetlands have been lost to development, this is a remarkable opportunity to reclaim shoreline habitat including wetlands that serve an important role in climate resilience and mitigating for sea level rise. It will also provide a much needed public nature park in an underserved area.

What You Can Do

Please join me in reminding the State Lands Commission you support a nature park on the entire 9 acre site in Burlingame. Share our email with friends and family so others have the opportunity to speak up for the Burlingame Shoreline.

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