Speak Up for Burlingame Shoreline Park on the San Francisco Bay!

Photo by Byron Chin

On October 24, the California State Lands Commission will vote on a 3 year lease with the SPHERE Institute to maintain a 9 acre parcel on the Burlingame Bayfront as publicly accessible open space. We are pleased  to support staff’s recommendation for the lease of this park proposal.

 If you have not already done so, please send a letter of support to the Commissioners using the form below, or consider attending the meeting:

October 24, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.
Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors Board Chambers
651 Pine Street, Room 107, Martinez, CA

What’s Happening

After months of deliberation, the California State Lands Commission will be voting on whether to allow green space on an undeveloped 9-acre property along Burlingame Bayfront under the Public Trust doctrine. The State Lands Commission staff report concluded that “the proposed lease is consistent with the common law Public Trust Doctrine and is in the best interests of the State.”

The public’s right to use California’s waterways is protected by the common law doctrine of the Public Trust. Today the Public Trust refers to this right to use waterways to engage in commerce, navigation, fishing, swimming, boating, and the preservation of lands in their natural state. The Public Trust continuously evolves to protect the public’s changing use of California’s waterways.

Why This Matters

A natural Burlingame Shoreline Park will provide much needed open space in an urban area, offer recreational opportunities, and increase public access to the Bay. Ahead of its decision on October 24, the State Lands Commission completed its first ever Public Trust Needs Assessment that showed overwhelming support for restoration. As 90% of the Bay’s historic wetlands have been lost to development, this is a remarkable opportunity to reclaim and improve shoreline habitat, demonstrate natural solutions to protect against the impacts of sea level rise, and create better access to the Bay for all.

What You Can Do

Submit a letter of support using the form below to the State Lands Commission asking them to approve the 3 year lease for improved public access, habitat restoration, and resilient design in the face of sea level rise to ensure that this bayfront parcel stays wild and accessible.

Thanks for speaking up for Burlingame Shoreline Park!  Your voice does make a difference!

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