Victory for Mountain View Open Space in Cuesta Annex

Nice article in the Mountain View Voice:  a proposal to move a historic building to Cuesta Annex, a rare, undeveloped open space area that is not along the Bay and the foothills, has ended.  We have no problem with the history museum or historic preservation, but don’t want the Cuesta Annex damaged.  The article cites the letter we wrote:

Following a City Council decision made behind closed doors on Tuesday, the future hangs in the balance for a 130-year-old house and the city’s proposed history museum. 

City Council members say they voted 4-2 against a proposal to add a restored 1880s home to plans for a Mountain View history museum in the Cuesta Annex. Mayor Jac Siegel recused himself because he owns property nearby. 


But council members say they received more comments opposing the museum than supporting it because its footprint intrudes on the unstructured open space at the Cuesta Annex — and the Pearson House could potentially increase that footprint by 10,000 feet. Those comments include a letter sent to the council on Tuesday, Oct. 19, from the Audubon Society and the Committee for Green Foothills, which said the Annex is Mountain View’s “one uniquely free area for children to roam in the dirt and the bugs and the birds,” adding that “Cuesta Park is a far better location” as only developed parkland would be lost.

“I did not hear from the community that they wanted this house there,” said council member Laura Macias, explaining her vote against the proposal in the closed session meeting. 
Macias said she hoped the house could be moved to Shoreline Park where it could sit near the Rengstorff House. “We have this developer willing to refurbish it. It is important to see where our momentum is and continue that.”

For more info on our letter, click here.

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