A Historic Victory For Coyote Valley

Photo by Ronald Horii

I’m excited to announce a major victory in the 40+ year effort to protect Coyote Valley. With a historic vote by the San Jose City Council on Wednesday, over 900 acres of land in North Coyote Valley will be permanently protected from development.

We have reached this momentous occasion because of the support of our members. Please celebrate and stand with us at a press conference on Wednesday, November 6 at 11:30 am at San Jose City Hall.

What’s Happening

After decades of work by the advocacy community to fend off sprawl in Coyote Valley, the Peninsula Open Space Trust, the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, and the City of San Jose have negotiated the purchase of over 900 acres of land in North Coyote Valley. This land includes the site on Bailey Road where a Cisco campus was proposed in 1999, as well as the freshwater wetland of Laguna Seca and other wetland areas surrounding Fisher Creek.

The purchase is funded in part by nearly $50 million from Measure T, the bond measure passed overwhelmingly by San Jose voters in 2018. 

Why It Matters

This purchase means that over half of the total acreage in North Coyote Valley will be permanently preserved and protected from development. We and our environmental partners have been fighting development in North Coyote Valley for decades, pointing out its unique value for wildlife habitat and movement, groundwater protection, flood risk reduction, farmland, and nature. 

Although we have defeated many development proposals, the threat of development has always remained. While hundreds of acres in Coyote Valley are still vulnerable, this marks the first time that a significant portion of land in North Coyote Valley has been put permanently off-limits for development. 

What You Can Do

  • Join us Wednesday, November 6 at 11:30 am for a press conference in front of San Jose City Hall with speakers from the San Jose City Council, OSA, POST, and Committee for Green Foothills. 
  • Send a letter to City Council using the form below, asking them to support the acquisition and the associated recommendations in the Memorandum from Mayor Liccardo, Vice Mayor Jones and Coucilmembers Jimenez, Peralez, and Foley. 
  • Attend the special City Council meeting at 2:00 pm in Council chambers and speak up in favor of the acquisition and the recommendations in the Memorandum.
  • Join us for a celebratory 21-mile bicycle ride around Coyote Valley on Saturday, November 9

It’s been a long road, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Please support us in the continuing fight to preserve the rest of Coyote Valley by making a donation today!

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