Reid-Hillview Airport


Rare Opportunity For Urban Green Space In Park-Deficient East San Jose

There is a rare opportunity to create new green space in a park-deficient urban area, while also addressing a serious lead pollution problem. The 180-acre Reid-Hillview Airport in East San Jose is closely surrounded by neighborhoods that for decades have endured constant noise, risk of plane crashes, and dangerous air pollution. The East San Jose community is demanding that the County close the airport and repurpose the site according to a community-centered vision that includes parks and natural habitat.

The Wrong Place For An Airport: An Environmental Justice Issue

The airport, in an area with lower-than average incomes and with a predominantly Vietnamese and Latinx population, is now confirmed as the source of significant decades-long lead harm to children. According to a Santa Clara County study released on August 3, 2021, children “experience an increase in Blood Lead Levels excess of what the children of Flint experienced during the Flint Water Crisis.”

It is time to close the airport and continue the path toward improved land use with green space that benefits all. In addition, the County should protect the San Martin community, where the County’s other small airport is located, from impacts related to the closure of the Reid-Hillview Airport.

Close Reid-Hillview Airport: Take Action to Facilitate Needed Green Space

Please join us in supporting this opportunity to create new urban green space while also promoting environmental justice. Sign our petition in support of the 8/17/21 Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors’ decision to pursue closing the airport as soon as possible and to pursue the conversion of the airport to lead-free fuel.

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