Our Impact

Our Impact since 1962

Local. Vocal. Effective.

We are always keeping a vigilant eye on emerging and ongoing local land use issues involving open space. Our expertise and reputation commands influence with decision makers and, most importantly, we routinely deliver real environmental victories.

The Ultimate Outcome of Our Advocacy: The Permanent Protection of Natural Landscapes

As a result of our advocacy, land management agencies and organizations are better able to permanently protect natural areas at risk of development. These lands – to date over 185,000 acres of open space in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties – serve as a regional greenbelt providing places to recreate and connect with nature, habitat for threatened wildlife, and enhanced resilience to drought, wildfire, and flooding.

Impact Numbers

0,000 acres permanently protected
as a final outcome of our advocacy
0+ land use issues
advocated on
0 ballot measures
successfully supported or opposed

Our Impact in 2022


acres of open space benefited



achieved out of 8 concluded land use issues

13 key wildlife and plant species benefited
2 policies or plans adopted by governmental agencies


land use issues

in total monitored and advocated

14 were in collaboration with a total of 110 tribes, organizations, and community leaders
39,361 comment letters sent in response to our 17 calls to action with 14 favorable outcomes
155 additional letters were in response to our call to thank legislators for their vote

Green Foothills’ Impact

“I am proud to stand united with all of the members of Green Foothills. Together we fight for environmental protections that all species, including humans, depend upon for survival. If we allow this backsliding of environmental protections to continue, generations to come – including my own granddaughter and her future children – will struggle to exist on an earth filled with dirty and toxic air and water, incinerated forests, and flooded lowlands. Is this the legacy we want for them? To paraphrase the incredible Greta Thunberg: The eyes of future generations are upon us, and if we choose to fail our youth, they will never forgive us.”

Joan Baez
Member since 2008, Activist, Singer, Songwriter, Inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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