In the News: Opposing Broadcast Spraying of Herbicides

In the News: Opposing Broadcast Spraying of Herbicides

G-Skyline herbicides-Margaret MacNivenCommittee for Green Foothills and our Legislative Advocate Lennie Roberts were in the news this weekend. This time the topic was our work, along with other community members and environmentalists, to urge Caltrans to stop broadcast spraying herbicides along San Mateo County highways. The article also explains Caltrans’ response and decision to try a pilot program on Highway 84 between Portola Road in Woodside and the coast.

In the Almanac article More groups ask Caltrans to stop spraying herbicides in San Mateo County (10/23/15), Barbara Wood mentions Lennie’s letter saying,a letter from the Committee for Green Foothills signed by Ms. Roberts says that ‘San Mateo County’s natural habitats are home to over 40 endangered or threatened species or species of special concern. We all need to do everything possible to ensure these species survive and that human health is not compromised,’ the letter says. ‘The people and critters of San Mateo County,’ it says, ‘will be eternally grateful.’

For the full article online, please see:

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