In the News: solar yes, but not at expense of nature

In the News: solar yes, but not at expense of nature

SJMN_NTMDORGANOn Tuesday of this week, Santa Clara County leaders voted to move forward with plans to build solar farms at five locations in the county, including one at Malech Road in South San Jose. Our Legislative Advocate Alice Kaufman spoke at the meeting, urging officials not to build solar farms in open space, especially not in rare and sensitive habitat. As Eric Kurhi wrote in the Mercury News article Santa Clara County approves deals for five solar farms from SunPower (4/7/15) while we at Committee for Green Foothills “support development of renewable energy sources, [we] do not agree with putting them on open space and particularly not on potential natural habitats.”

The article went on to quote Alice, who said that we need to recognize the value of open space. “It’s not just dirt — solar panels should be put on rooftops or parking lots, especially when that’s already been shown to be feasible.”

Solar? Absolutely. Solar on natural open space? No way.

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