Join Us to Celebrate Courage

Hand in hand with our members, we fight for what is right. In our early years, many powerful people told us that protecting open space from urban and industrial sprawl was impossible. We even lost some pretty major campaigns at first. It’s easy to imagine that our heroic founders were dismayed by the forces working against them. Yet they embraced the uncertainty and decided to found Committee for Green Foothills.

Since those challenging early days, we have accrued a long record of conservation. Armed with persistence, expertise, and integrity, we are capable of successfully navigating even the most challenging of campaigns.

Yet we are still the contrarians of our time. We still have to make a case that nature is worth protecting for people and the planet. Will this ever change? For the sake of our future, we can no longer treat nature as a secondary issue.

We must celebrate and honor the people who have the courage to fight for our planet, often against what appear to be insurmountable odds. As part of this effort, we are thrilled that our honoree for our annual celebration, Nature’s Inspiration, is Joe Cotchett, one of the mavericks of our time. Joe Cotchett’s sharp mind and no nonsense attitude, along with his indelible passion for environmental justice, make him a force to be reckoned with. He has taken on the toughest cases in his 50+ year legal career, from representing Erin Brockovich to fighting for public access at Martin’s Beach. Hear from him firsthand how to fight for justice and our environment.

Join us in September to celebrate the courage of our community and of Joe Cotchett. You won’t want to miss this event.

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