Milpitas UGB – getting things straight

Santa Clara County LAFCo’s map of the Urban Service Area for Milpitas doesn’t match the restrictions that voters put in place in 1998. LAFCo met this week and postponed action to bring their map into conformance, but we hope it will happen soon. This will help clarify that sprawl is not allowed past a certain point. Our comment letter is below.


May 25, 2006

Santa ClaraCounty LAFCo

70 West Hedding St

, 11th Floor, East Wing

San Jose
, CA95110

Re: LAFCo Meeting of May 31st, Agenda Item #5 – Milpitas Urban Service Area

Dear LAFCo Commissioners;

The Committee for Green Foothills supports the recommendation to finally make the Urban Service Area coterminous with the voter-approved Urban Growth Boundary. The eight years since the voter approval of Measure Z has been more than enough time to update the USA.

An indefinite delay at this point would only further circumvent the voters’ intent. Orderly planning and environmental protection, two major components of LAFCo’s mission, require the end of these delays.

Brian A. Schmidt
Legislative Advocate, Santa ClaraCounty

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