Vote No on B in San Jose’s June 2018 Elections

On June 5, 2018, San Jose voters will have the opportunity to vote NO on Measure B. Measure B, also known as the “Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative,” would facilitate residential sprawl citywideincluding in North Coyote Valley. Please join us in saying NO to sprawl and NO on Measure B.

What Would Measure B Do?
If you live in San Jose, you may have heard of the “Evergreen Senior Homes Initiative.” Now called Measure B, this billionaire developer-sponsored initiative purports to be about creating affordable housing for seniors and veterans. What it actually does is approve (without CEQA review) a gated community of over 900 homes on open space, adjacent to the hillsides of East San Jose. Measure B would also rewrite the General Plan from top to bottom, creating a “Senior Housing Overlay” that could be applied to all “underutilized employment lands” in San Jose. That term is not defined in the initiative, but North Coyote Valley is considered “employment lands” by the city and is mostly undeveloped. Therefore, we are greatly concerned that residential developers would set their sights on North Coyote Valley if Measure B were to pass.

In addition to the direct threat to Coyote Valley, Measure B would facilitate sprawl all over San Jose, since it eliminates all the policies in the General Plan that are designed to discourage sprawl. Moreover, in spite of the Measure B developers’ claims of affordable housing, Measure B actually weakens San Jose’s existing affordable housing laws, as well as eliminating policies for pedestrian/bike connections and traffic impact fees.

For more information please see: Opposing Measure B (Evergreen Homes Initiative)


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