$386 Billion

$386 Billion

YesonQ$386 billion. According to a recent study* that’s the value of Santa Clara County’s natural capital. Though we know nature is priceless, it helps others to understand the bottom line of protecting local natural systems. This is also why we think groups like the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors have endorsed Measure Q.

From cleaning our air and water, to producing healthy foods, to safeguarding our communities against the effects of climate change—we all benefit from having open space close by. And that is why we at Committee for Green Foothills are doing everything we can to pass Measure Q on November 4. It’s not just for people who love nature like us. It’s for  everyone. Because Measure Q will benefit the health and well-being of all people in our region.

Please join us and vote YES on Measure Q to protect open space for people today, and the kids of tomorrow. For more information about Measure Q, or to donate or volunteer for the campaign, please visit: http://www.yesforscvopenspace.org/

*The report Nature’s Value in Santa Clara County estimates that over a 100-year period, Santa Clara County’s natural capital asset value is as high as $386 billion.

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