Action Alert: Ask Supervisors to Fund Farmland Preservation (Closed)

This Action Alert is now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded.

We have been championing the preservation of farmland for decades. Now we have an important opportunity to secure funding for threatened farmland. On Monday, May 13, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will begin budget discussions. This is when the Supervisors will decide if they will allocate money to help protect local farmland at risk of sprawl.

Take Action: Send an email to the Supervisors right now requesting that they fund farmland preservation.

What’s Happening

In February, the Board of Supervisors agreed to discuss potential funding for farmland preservation during their May budget sessions. There are 12,000 acres of farmland – from Coyote Valley to the outskirts of Gilroy – that are at risk of being developed if we don’t take action soon. The County has no money set aside to fund their agricultural conservation easement program that would protect these lands from development.

Why It’s Important

Together with our members, we have protected farmland from being paved over across the county. However, until the land is permanently protected it is always at risk of being developed. Local farmland provides us with food and an agricultural economy, creates climate resiliency, and offers iconic rural scenery. We need to permanently protect these lands for the long-term sustainability and health of our region.

Our County Supervisors are the stewards of our rural lands. This is your opportunity to let them know that it’s time for the County to financially commit to preserving our farmland most vulnerable to development.

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