Breaking news: San Jose upholds ban on trapping coyotes

It’s fun to get a news item out before the news media does, and here it is: San Jose failed to pass an “urgency ordinance” that would allow trapping coyotes in part of Almaden Valley. As an “emergency” measure that skips the normal process, it needed 8 of the 11 City Council members to support it, and got only 7.

The Merc has background information here (posted before tonight’s vote).

While I attended the meeting, I didn’t speak or take a position. I don’t think the situation in that area has been handled well, and exterminating the coyotes is not a good idea for the long term. However, the curiosity and lack of fear shown by these particular coyotes (assuming residents are not exaggerating) is disturbing. I couldn’t possibly see CGF supporting the trapping, but I wasn’t certain enough about safety to move from neutrality to a position opposing the measure.

The council members had to make a decision though. The politically-easy choice was to support trapping, so I respect Council members Reed, Campos, Williams, and Lezotte for opposing the measure. No disrespect intended to the other seven council members, who could be voting based on principles, not on politics.


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