Celebrating Devil’s Slide

Celebrating Devil’s Slide

Devil's SlideAfter our 40-year campaign to stop Caltrans from building the L.A-like freeway bypass at Devil’s Slide, we are ecstatic to report that the tunnel has been built, the trail has been opened, and now Caltrans is even receiving an award for the project. Tomorrow morning, Wednesday October 22, Legislative Advocate Lennie Roberts will attend the MTC Transportation Awards where Caltrans and San Mateo County Parks Department will be honored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) for the Devil’s Slide Tunnel and Trail project.  The awards recognize people and organizations who have made extraordinary contributions to the way people get around in the Bay Area.

As part of the ceremony, they will show a short video about the long saga to defeat the freeway bypass and instead build the tunnel. If you get a chance to see the video, keep an eye out for Lennie, who was interviewed out on the trail a couple of months ago and had this to say about it:

“I must say it was terrific during the videotaping on a Friday morning to see the trail in use by so many people – running, walking their dogs, riding bikes – all enjoying the view! It was incredibly satisfying to be able to just drink in the view and look at the geology, birds, and other natural history instead of having eyes glued to the road.”

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