Election Day tomorrow

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is Election Day, so people should remember to go out and vote!

Committee for Green Foothills is a non-partisan organization, and we don’t endorse candidates. We do encourage people to examine the environmental issues in any particular race, however, and keep those in mind as part of the voting decision.

The San Jose mayoral race is particularly important – the five front-runners will be whittled down to two candidates (unless one candidate gets an absolute majority). It is no secret that environmentalists have had a difficult relationship with San Jose’s current mayor, so any change is a new opportunity to establish a much better relationship.

I’ve had the privilege of talking at least briefly to all five mayoral candidates, and I can safely say that they all appear to be intelligent and hard-working people. Their environmental views can vary depending on the topic. I would encourage San Jose voters to look at those views – on Coyote Valley, the Open Space Initiative, on protecting green spaces, on “smart growth” generally, and on all the many other, important environmental issues, as part of making a well-informed vote.


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