Great News in Cupertino!

Great News in Cupertino!

cupertino2Great news! Thanks to your emails and everyone who spoke at the Cupertino City Council meeting Tuesday night, councilmembers decided not to pursue any of the intensive uses or development that would have impacted the fragile habitat along the Stevens Creek Corridor. They unanimously rejected the proposals of a new paved road, sports fields, or expanding the golf course. (see blog post from Tuesday for more info.).

Instead, councilmembers directed staff to study the options of habitat restoration and educational programming, redesigning the golf course without expanding its footprint, and adding a walkway along the entrance from San Fernando Avenue to make it safer to walk to the park. The City Council will be voting on a final project design soon.

City Councilmembers definitely heard the message from the community that this natural area should be preserved for walking, jogging, educational programming, and enjoyment of nature. Thank you for speaking up! It really does make a difference.


Alice Kaufman
Legislative Advocate

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