In the News: opposing broadcast spraying

In the News: opposing broadcast spraying

DSCN1393Just last week our Legislative Advocate Lennie Roberts shared an action alert, asking people to urge Caltrans to stop broadcast spraying herbicides along state highways in San Mateo County.

Her letter to Caltrans was quoted in the article Opposition grows to herbicide spraying (4/2/15) by Barbara Wood  in the Almanac. The article explained how we called on Caltrans to “cease the practice of broadcast spraying with herbicides” along all county highways, and “instead mow to control roadside weeds, and only if absolutely necessary, use spot spraying.”

We’re happy to hear that more people are speaking up on this issue and joining the effort to stop Caltrans from continuing this harmful practice. We’ll keep everyone updated as this issue continues to evolve.

For the full article online, please see:

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