In the News: Protecting Hills & Creeks in Redwood City

In the News: Protecting Hills & Creeks in Redwood City

IMG_3063Our Legislative Advocate Alice Kaufman was in the news again this week. This time she was in Redwood City advocating that city planning commissioners protect the hillsides. She also spoke up for creeks when a commissioner proposed that property lots near creeks (which in many cases are on flat land but designated “hillside” due to the slope of nearby creek banks) be exempt from hillside regulations. Alice was able to explain that the need to protect our creek corridors is just as, if not more, important.

From yesterday’s (3/5/15) article, ‘Monster’ homes feared in the hills: Redwood City Planning Commission OKs controversial measure for hillside proposal, in the San Mateo Daily Journal: “Alice Kaufman, with Committee for Green Foothills, urged the commission to consider FAR [floor area ratio] when approving a development. House sizes should not be out of scale with the size of the property, she said. She said the city should not allow houses of excessive size near creek corridors.”

The city council is expected to review the hillside proposal at its meeting on April 27. We’ll keep you posted.

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