Letter to the Editor: San Jose will benefit from protecting Coyote Valley

Check out Megan’s Letter to the Editor published in Sunday’s Mercury News:

I recently came across a quote from a 1981 article we published in response to a development threat in Coyote Valley that was fought back: “We recommend that the city (of San Jose) work with industrial representatives to study Edenvale and other redevelopment areas to determine new industry there.”  There have since been dozens of additional proposals to sprawl in Coyote Valley, most successfully defeated.

With the good news about Coyote Valley in Paul Rogers’ article (Page 1A, June 15), I am reminded that nothing has changed in all these years — sprawl in Coyote Valley makes no sense. Not 36 years ago and certainly not today.

San Jose residents (both human and wildlife) only stand to benefit from Coyote Valley being protected and restored. Flooding risks will be reduced, water will be cleaner, animals will have a home, and San Jose will be an even more beautiful place.

To access Megan’s letter online, please see: www.mercurynews.com/2017/06/18/june-18-letters-san-jose-will-benefit-from-protecting-coyote-valley

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