People Who Give Us Hope

Photo by Bryan Patrick.

Nuestra Casa has been a true champion of the Latino community in East Palo Alto since its founding in 2002. In standing up for environmental justice in their community and throughout the Bay Area, the non-profit has been influential in the fight for inclusionary access to green spaces throughout the region, and instrumental in creating equity policies at the Bay Conservation Development District. They recently supported the Burlingame Shoreline Park proposal, and efforts to improve San Francisquito Creek’s access for the community in East Palo Alto while maintaining its ecological integrity.

Nuestra Casa offers a variety of educational and leadership development programs and coordinates community projects that impact local families. Every weekend, the organization works to make sure that all families in need have access to proper nutrition. Currently, they are providing census support in partnership with the County so that underrepresented members of the community are heard and represented.

Nuestra Casa has been fabulous to work with on various projects to ensure that our urban green spaces and natural resources are truly accessible to all. We especially appreciate the efforts of Julio Garcia and Roxana Franco in providing on the ground support for our efforts on the Burlingame Shoreline Park proposal.  We look forward to future opportunities to partner with this inspirational and educational community organization.

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