Protecting Wildlife Habitat in North Crestview Park

UPDATE: The City Council voted on February 13 to approve the “passive use” plan for North Crestview Park. This will preserve North Crestview’s value as a wildlife corridor and habitat area, as well as providing walking trails for residents to enjoy the views and the open space. Thanks to all who sent emails or came to the Council meeting to speak!

The San Carlos City Council is considering several proposals for North Crestview Park, an undeveloped 4-acre site.  The “passive use” plan will consist of a walking path and benches, with minimal paved surfaces and most of the existing vegetation left in place. However, there are three other “active use” or “mixed use” plans that call for soccer fields, sports courts, and/or playgrounds, all with parking lots and paved roads. We are urging the City Council to choose the “passive use” plan.

North Crestview Park forms a wildlife corridor linkage between two large expanses of open space: the hilly, wooded area to the east of Crestview Drive, and the San Francisco Watershed lands that extend from the town of Woodside all the way up the Peninsula. A wide variety of wildlife uses and moves through the park, from deer to rattlesnakes to many bird species.  

All of the active or mixed-use plans would require extensive grading, which would destroy any remaining vegetation on the site. The passive use plan, by contrast, would allow most of the vegetation to remain. In addition, while the passive use plan is estimated to cost the city $350,000-$450,000, the other plans would range from $1.5 million to $2.3 million.

If you’d like to thank the San Carlos City Council for safeguarding this park, you can do so through the form below.

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