Great News for Coyote Valley, New Report

If you haven’t yet heard, there was some exciting Coyote Valley news last week. 
The Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) announced its acquisition of the 30-acre property where the Panattoni company was planning to build a massive warehouse/distribution center (New $80 million plan to preserve San Jose’s Coyote Valley).
POST deserves a huge thank you as do all of you who submitted a comment letter, came to a community meeting, or otherwise spoke out in opposition to the Panattoni warehouse. You helped make this happen.
But there’s more! Also last week a new scientific report found that protection and restoration of significant portions of Coyote Valley is needed to ensure the viability of the wildlife corridor–as well as the viability of over 1 million acres of core habitat in the surrounding Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Range that are connected through Coyote Valley. Thank you to Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) for their leadership on this.
What does this mean for our work to protect Coyote Valley? POST’s acquisition of the Panattoni site is fantastic news, since it means that warehouse proposal won’t happen. However, there are still 1,400 acres of unprotected land in North Coyote Valley, and new proposals for warehouses, distribution centers, or data centers could come forward any day. 

We believe that it’s time for San Jose to recognize what residents, environmental groups, and scientists have known for years: Coyote Valley is far too precious to be covered in industrial sprawl. With the release of the OSA report, there is now ample evidence that this amazing landscape needs to be protected. 

So what’s next? We need to continue keeping Coyote Valley front and center in the news and in the public conversation.

Here’s what you can do today:
Also, we are making plans to create a new website that will be entirely devoted to Coyote Valley–the wildlife, water, farmland, hiking, and everything else this wonderful place provides us. Stay tuned!

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