San Jose to increase protection of riparian corridors

The San Jose City Council on Tuesday, Oct. 9, voted to begin developing a new ordinance that would increase protection of riparian corridors. The ordinance would be based on the existing San Jose Riparian Corridor Policy Study, which presents guidelines for how far new development should be set back from the banks of rivers and streams.

Riparian corridor protection is important not only to preserve the quality of water and the wildlife in the rivers and streams, but also to protect the habitat on and near the banks. In our water-scarce area, riparian corridors are vital to the survival of plants and wildlife. In addition, when development encroaches too close to the riparian corridor, the resultant erosion and increased sedimentation has impacts on flood control, thus also impacting downstream homes and businesses.

Committee for Green Foothills, along with other environmental organizations, urged the San Jose City Council to prioritize the development of a riparian corridor ordinance. A big thank-you to the Councilmembers for recognizing the importance of riparian protection!

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