Say No to Light Pollution from Massive Light Tower Project

High atop the San Jose Marriott facing the Arena Green/Airport area. Photo Credit Mike Boening

This Tuesday, the San Jose City Council will decide whether to begin planning for a light-polluting tower in an environmentally-sensitive area near the Guadalupe River. Please tell them that you are a San Jose resident who is opposed to the light tower project.

What’s Happening

A 20-story tall, illuminated structure approved by the San Jose Light Tower Corporation (also known as Urban Confluence Silicon Valley) is to be gifted to San Jose and placed at the confluence of the Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek in Arena Green Park.

Placing this 200 foot tall structure at the junction of these two important waterways and riparian corridors would harm their ecosystems and the wildlife they support by lighting up this sensitive environment with light pollution. Made out of 500 long white rods, this structure – costing over $100 million – will cause environmental degradation, draw birds to their death, as well as harm insects, fish, and even beavers using the river.

Arena Green is simply the wrong place for this structure. As a massive light pollution monument, it will be impossible to shield and protect residents from its effects. In addition, it would dominate a public green space serving as an important community gathering place.

Why This Is Important

Light pollution disrupts biological functions in all living things including disorienting and harming wildlife and human health.

The proposed tower will shine light across the city and be visible all the way to Mt. Hamilton and Mt. Umunhum. It will pollute our view of the night sky and could interfere with the research function of the world-famous Lick Observatory and distract pilots landing at the nearby airport.

What You Can Do

Please email the San Jose City Council to tell them you are a San Jose resident who is opposed to locating the light tower project in Arena Green.

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