Send a Letter for Coyote Valley by 11/8/16

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Update: The deadline for submitting comment letters has passed. Thank you so much for the hundreds of letters submitted in support of Coyote Valley.

On October 17 there was incredible turnout for the meeting about the Coyote Valley warehouse and distribution center. We definitely got the message across that the community cares about what happens in Coyote Valley.

Now we have an opportunity to let the city and the developer know what we want them to include in the environmental review for the project. This is called the “scoping” period because it will determine the scope of the environmental review.

Send your scoping comments to planning staff by November 8 to [email protected].

There is a space in the e-mail form below for you to enter specific concerns. Please fill this in. This is your chance to bring up very specific questions like

  1. What is the maximum number of diesel trucks that could operate out of this site?
  2. How many truck trips would be allowed per day
  3. What routes would the trucks be allowed to take? Would they drive through residential neighborhoods
  4. How will this project affect air quality?
  5. How will this project affect views from nearby hiking trails?
  6. How will this project affect flooding problems on nearby land?
  7. Will the warehouse have outdoor lighting in the parking lot? How will this affect nocturnal animals that live near or migrate across the project site?
  8. What are the cumulative impacts of this warehouse when taken together with other projects in the area?
  9. How will this warehouse affect regional wildlife connectivity?

 Thank you for joining us in speaking up for this ecologically sensitive and beautiful open space.


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