Tell Governor Brown to Sign SB 42 to Protect Martin’s Beach Access

Update: On October 8, 2017 Governor Brown vetoed SB 42. We are no longer asking people to email him about this issue.

The California state legislature has passed a bill, SB 42, that provides the funding mechanism needed to restore public access to Martin’s Beach. Write Governor Jerry Brown TODAY in support of SB 42 to keep access to the coast and beaches open for all.

What You Can Do
Send an email to Governor Jerry Brown asking for his signature on this bill to ensure public access to Martin’s Beach, using our form below. (Update: We are no longer asking people to email Governor Brown since he has vetoed the bill.)

What’s Happening
For the past century, the public used a beach just south of Half Moon Bay, commonly known as Martins Beach. In 2008, Silicon Valley billionaire and co-founder of Sun Microsystems Vinod Khosla bought the area. Two years later, the only road that provides public access to the cove was gated and locked. Today, access to Martin’s Beach continues to be blocked despite a victory at the California Court of Appeals to open access to all. Specifically, the court determined that Khosla cannot close public access to Martin’s Beach without first obtaining a Coastal Development Permit It was decided that public access to the beach must be restored to 2008 levels.

To ensure that Martins Beach is once again accessible to the public, California Senate Bill 42 (SB 42) will help provide a funding mechanism to acquire a right-of-way or easement to and along Martins Beach. This is an important step in the effort to restore access to Martins Beach. Please email Governor Brown showing your support for SB 42 to ensure access to all for future generations.

Why This Is Important
AB 42 will help expedite restoration of public access to Martins Beach rather than waiting for the lengthy court process to resolve this constitutional issue. If California is unable to wrest public access back from Khosla, it could set a very worrisome precedent in favor of the wealthy private citizens who would prefer to disregard the Coastal Act, California’s 40-year-old promise that public access to the state’s beaches is a universal right.

For more information, contact Legislative Advocate Helen Wolter at: [email protected].

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