Thank the San Jose City Council

Please email the San Jose City Council to say thank you! In August, the City of San Jose presented their draft Environmental Sustainability Plan (ESP) to the City Council. Several environmental groups, including Committee for Green Foothills, urged the City to expand the scope of the ESP to include recognition of the benefits provided by open space, especially with regard to climate change. Through discussions with City staff and the Mayor’s office in the weeks since then, we succeeded in persuading the City to study the extent to which preserving open space reduces carbon emissions, both by capturing greenhouse gases and by avoiding increased emissions due to sprawl development. By adding this important piece to its climate change planning, San Jose will become the largest California city to study these climate change impacts.

On Tuesday, October 24, the City Council unanimously voted to move forward with this effort. Please email the City Councilmembers to say thank you for being environmental leaders!

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