Thank You to our Stand Up Volunteers!

By Chris Sturken

The mission of Protect Coyote Valley is to protect and restore key ecological resources in the Valley that support regional biodiversity and improve groundwater storage and recharge for Silicon Valley. These resources include northern Coyote Valley’s wildlife corridor between the Santa Cruz Mountains and Diablo Mountain Range. They also include over 2,500 acres of wetlands essential to reducing flood risks. Although the fight is far from over, we couldn’t be where we are now without the critical aid of our Stand Up for Coyote Valley volunteers. We’ve highlighted some of our most dedicated advocates below. Thank you again for your support!


Let me introduce Manny Uche, Smita Patel, and Gloria Carmona! These amazing volunteers have helped make Stand Up for Coyote Valley a wild success!


Meet Manny (middle), he’s a trooper! Manny works the night-shift, studies at San José State University, officiates women’s college soccer, and still has time to Stand Up for Coyote Valley. Any time he’s available, Manny serves his community by going door-to-door to tell people about Coyote Valley, why it’s at risk, and how they can protect it.


Meet Smita (not pictured), she’s so dedicated! Smita is a student in CGF’s very own Community Advocates Leadership Academy (CALA). After the Stand Up for Coyote Valley on March 31, Smita continued having conversations with residents about Coyote Valley all the way back to her car. She says that Coyote Valley has enriched her life in myriad ways, including by introducing her to CALA, and that she can’t do enough to repay that debt.


Meet Gloria (second from the right), she’s a champion. Gloria’s been looking for an opportunity to get involved in her community and jumped at the invitation to Stand Up for Coyote Valley. She’s watched the foothills change over the years. She understands the need for a balance between open space and housing, especially because her family lives here. With these values in mind, Gloria hit the pavement with energy and enthusiasm that’s contagious and encouraging.


What an amazing group of people. Coyote Valley is surely in debt to these volunteers.  Would you like to get involved? We have plenty more opportunities to join this growing community of supporters working to permanently protect Coyote Valley from sprawl. Join us on June 10!

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