The highway lobby can be beaten

Jonathan Zasloff writes of the difficulty that environmental advocates have had in fighting the highway lobby, pointing to SB375, a California climate change law, that was nearly defeated solely by the highway lobbyists. Still, SB375 became law, and our earliest victories here at CGF were in fighting plans to strew massive highways all over the Peninsula.

Lots to be done, but we’ll be working hard to do it.

Bonus blogging – new information’s out showing the earthquake hazard of building in floodplains of major streams: “If a major earthquake rattles the South Bay, the sandy soils alongside San Jose’s two largest rivers pose the highest risks to modern businesses and homes in Santa Clara County, according to new seismic maps by the U.S. Geological Survey. The maps reveal the hidden danger along San Jose’s ancestral Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek flood plains….”

Still more reasons to keep those floodplains natural and open, whenever possible.


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