Urban Coyotes

Seed magazine has an interesting article, “Wild Coyotes Move to the Windy City“, discussing a six-year study of urban coyotes in Chicago. Apparently the coyotes play a useful role controlling the rodent, geese, and deer populations, although they get into garbage and pet food, and presumably kill pet cats and dogs as well.

The study suggests some reason to be concerned about potential danger to people, as coyotes become less and less afraid of humans. On the other hand, they were no confirmed coyote attacks on people during the six-year study, while 15,000 dog attacks occurred. It seems possible that if coyotes kill or drive off wild or semi-wild dogs, they may actually reduce attacks on people.

Coyote control has been an issue in south San Jose as people express fear of increasingly bold coyotes. I expect the issue will arise again.


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