Victory for Measure Q!

Victory for Measure Q!

OSA-Measure QWhy is the Open Space Authority staff celebrating? Because Measure Q, preserving Santa Clara Valley open space for future generations, passed! It was a close win, just like we knew it would be. Thanks to everyone who helped with the campaign we can officially declare victory. At the end of  Election Day last Tuesday Measure Q was passing with 67.03% of the vote. Just barely above the 2/3 required threshold by 196 votes. But there were still ballots to be counted. So we waited.

Each day, we eagerly awaited the 5 o’clock hour, when the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters updated election results. And each day we got a little more optimistic. On Wednesday Measure Q was winning with 67.11% of the vote. Thursday we were up to 67.19%. We headed into the weekend with 67.43% of voters voting yes.

Now, almost a week later, we can finally declare victory with the “unofficial semi-final” results: Measure Q WINS with 67.64% of the vote.

Committee for Green Foothills was a champion of Measure Q and led fundraising efforts for the campaign, organized phone banks, and helped with voter outreach. We couldn’t have done it without all of our wonderful supporters and volunteers. A big THANK Q to everyone who donated to the campaign, volunteered, and voted yes on Q!

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