Vote No on B, Yes on C in San Jose’s June Elections

We’ve already asked you to vote no on Measure B. Now, we’re asking you to help fight sprawl by voting yes on Measure C, which will also be on the June 5 ballot in San Jose. Measure B is funded by wealthy out-of-town developers and would facilitate sprawl across San Jose, including in Coyote Valley.

Measure C protects our environment and our communities by placing limits on residential sprawl and requiring developers to use “zero net energy” design and recycled water for landscaping. Please join us by pledging to vote No on Measure B and Yes on Measure C.

Measure B is for Billionaires, Measure C is for Community

Measure B claims to be about affordable housing for seniors and veterans, but what it actually does is approve (without environmental review) a gated community of over 900 mostly luxury homes on open space near the East San Jose Foothills. In addition, Measure B would encourage citywide residential sprawl and would weaken existing affordable housing requirements. Measure B essentially paints a target on North Coyote Valley for residential sprawl. Don’t be fooled: the only people who will benefit from Measure B are the billionaire developers who crafted it.

Measure C puts limits on residential sprawl of the sort proposed by Measure B. It ensures that developers who build housing out on the edge of the city near the open space of Coyote Valley and the foothills must comply with strong environmental requirements on “zero net energy” design and recycled water. In addition, these developers must provide at least 50% affordable housing, pay for their traffic impacts, and provide support services for residents such as shuttle service, assisted living, memory care, or nursing care for seniors or people with disabilities.

Remember: B is for Billionaires, C is for Community. Vote No on B and Yes on C this June!

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