Welcome to 7 New Board Members

photos of new board members
New board members: Jon Adams, Manjeet Singh Bhamra, Greg Boro, Marsha Cohen, Anand Madhavan, Ann Monroe, and Arpana Tiwari

We are pleased to welcome seven new board members and six new advisory board members. Each brings important skills, experience, and a commitment to uplifting the critical work we do to give nature a voice.

Welcome New Board Members

Green Foothills’ Board of Directors is the ultimate authority of our nonprofit, responsible for ensuring that our mission is adhered to and that contributions and grants are properly allocated. Board members actively support the day to day work of Green Foothills, establishing the long-term vision and stability for the organization with a focus on planning, policy development, and fundraising. Terms are two years and can be renewed up to four times.

Last fall we published an article inviting the community to apply to our Board of Directors and conducted an extensive recruitment process. We chose to make our Board recruitment process public and broadcast far and wide to support our goal of broadening the background and experience on our Board of Directors. We are so grateful for everyone who expressed interest and patiently went through our second open recruitment process.

To that end, we have recently welcomed into the fold seven amazing new board directors: Jon Adams, Manjeet Singh Bhamra, Greg Boro, Marsha Cohen, Anand Madhavan, Ann Monroe, and Arpana Tiwari. We asked them why they accepted our invitation to join our Board:

“I am excited to join Green Foothills because its mission is critical to preserving the green space and ecosystems of the Bay Area. Our natural environment is one of our greatest treasures and needs continued, dedicated preservation efforts. I’m grateful to be able to help in this work.” – Jon Adams

“I’m delighted to be joining the team at Green Foothills. As a South Bay native, Green Foothills’ mission to protect our natural spaces is paramount in shaping a more sustainable, climate resilient, and ultimately healthier place for everyone. Cheers to another 60 years!” – Manjeet Singh Bhamra

“My desire to protect our natural and open spaces and to help raise environmental awareness made answering Green Foothills’ call easy; to be invited to join the Board is thrilling. I look forward to supporting the mission and making an impact.” – Greg Boro

“I believe that local, grassroots environmental organizations have more impact than larger, national NGOs on bringing about the changes we all want to see. I am honored to be asked to serve on the Board of Green Foothills and I look forward to contributing to Green Foothills mission to save, restore and preserve local open spaces and wildlife for future generations.” Marsha Cohen

“I joined the Green Foothills board to support a cause that I am passionate about – reducing the carbon footprint and enabling communities to be climate resilient.” – Anand Madhavan

“What I appreciate about Green Foothills is the work at the intersection of climate, environment and social justice to build resilient communities. I look forward to contributing to this important effort.” – Ann Monroe

“I joined Green foothills because of its vision and because I resonate with the values of expertise, persistence, integrity and camaraderie. I truly believe that nature and balance with our surroundings is what sustains us.” – Arpana Tiwari

While new to our board, they are already rolling up their sleeves and making meaningful contributions on our board committees and out in the community.

Thanking Jen Hetterly and Craige Edgerton

We are very thankful to Jennifer Hetterly and Craige Edgerton, both outgoing board members who have shifted their volunteer roles at Green Foothills. Jenn will continue to serve on our Governance Committee and Craige is chairing our Company Outings Committee.

Welcoming New Advisory Board Members

Our Advisory Board is a close circle of expert advisers who expand our reach in different communities, serve on some of our board committees and we turn to them before moving forward with big decisions. The six amazing individuals who joined our advisory board in the past year include: Isabela Acenas, Radhika Thekkath, Roxana Franco, Craige Edgerton, Veronica Stork, Lizbeth Amador.

We value our Board and Advisory Board and are grateful for their service! You can find more out about them by visiting the Meet Our Team webpage.

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