Win for creeks & wildlife in San Jose

Win for creeks & wildlife in San Jose

Coyote Creek - Alice KaufmanAfter many years of advocacy, this week the San Jose City Council approved new policy and code amendments that will provide greater protection to creeks and riparian corridors, and also voted to study a city-wide bird-safe design program.

The 1999 Riparian Corridor Policy Study, which established a 100-foot setback from riparian corridors as the general standard and specified certain limited exceptions, remains in effect and is incorporated into the new Policy. These changes will give San Jose greater ability to protect creeks and wildlife, prevent flooding, and control erosion of creek banks.

The Council also approved a future study of the impacts of bird strikes on buildings in San Jose and how to implement measures to mitigate bird collisions through bird-safe design. A big thank you to Audubon Society for their work on this. This study will be undertaken by City staff once the City Council prioritizes the work plan in a future Council priority-setting session. We will be watching to ensure that this process moves forward quickly and produces a solution that will protect birds in San Jose. Stay tuned for future developments on this issue.

Thank you to the San Jose City Councilmembers who voted to protect the environment.

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