17th Annual Nature’s Inspiration – Introducing our First-Ever Host Committee


Where would the environmental movement be without passionate and dedicated people? With the challenge of holding our most critical fundraiser during a global pandemic, Green Foothills invited community leaders from across the region to support the success of this celebration in 2020, forming our first ever Host Committee.

You might get a call from one of these wonderful community leaders and an invitation to help out and make this event a memorable and successful occasion, not only for Green Foothills, but also for Chairman Valentin Lopez and the Amah Mutsun Land Trust. If you haven’t yet, please sponsor Nature’s Inspiration today.

Read on to find out more about why the Host Committee is volunteering their time to support Green Foothills’ Nature’s Inspiration.


“I support Green Foothills for the passion, courage and persistence they bring in protecting and defending our local lands and environment for future generations to come. It is an honor to support this tremendous organization.”

Joseph W. Cotchett Attorney, Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP (2019 Nature’s Inspiration Honoree)

“I am grateful for the opportunities that Green Foothills opens up for sincere and organized acts of solidarity that collectively over time will result in change and movement. As a Chicana/Mexika mother and dancer, on the red road, GF inspires me to take action and center Mother Nature and First Peoples in this struggle to retain land as free and sacred.”

Tamara Alvarado Shortino Family Foundation Executive Director and Capulli Tonalehqueh Fire Keeper

“Green Foothills has always stood for the things that matter most to me: protecting nature, making it available to all, and stopping inappropriate and poorly sited development. Life is better when there are natural places around to give us peace, inspiration, perspective, and yes, solace during troubled times. Green Foothills has a very long history of making sure these places continue to exist for everybody and I applaud them for their terrific work.”

Reed Holderman Amah Mutsun Land Trust Board Member and former Executive Director of the Sempervirens Fund

“In my two decades as editor, then publisher, of Bay Nature magazine, I got to work with a wide variety of conservation organizations around the Bay Area. And I came away impressed with Green Foothills’ combination of effective advocacy on behalf of local open space and determination to participate in building a stronger and more diverse constituency for the local environment.”

David Loeb Founder & former Executive Director of Bay Nature Institute (2015 NI Honoree)

“I support and appreciate the mission and work of Green Foothills because they grasp the connection between protection of open space for native plants and animals and the protection of rights of indigenous people whose culture and spirituality is rooted in this land.”

Elisa Marina Alvarado

“It is my experience that Green Foothills is passionate about the preservation of open space.  Green Foothills has their finger on the pulse of key issues throughout the Bay Area and they support and collaborate with other organizations.”

Trina Hineser  Executive Director, Land Trust of Santa Clara Valley and 2018 Community Advocates Leadership Academy graduate

“My support for Green Foothills stems from our reliable long-term passionate commitment to protect local open space now and in the future. This in turn benefits our Wildlife friends and the Earth, essential partners of the human race!”

Matt Burrows Board Member and past President of Green Foothills


A special thanks to our Host Committee for their many contributions and willingness to connect with other community leaders who have the resources to help assure our Nature’s Inspiration 2020 is a success. For the full host committee list and more information about this year’s celebration see our Nature’s Inspiration webpage.  Are you interested in learning more and potentially joining our Host Committee this year? Please email [email protected].

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