Author: Lennie Roberts

Controlling Invasive Plants: An Important Tool to Maintain Biodiversity in San Mateo County Parks

Controlling Invasive Plants: An Important Tool to Maintain Biodiversity in San Mateo County Parks

Did you know that San Mateo County Parks are home to 138 rare, threatened, and endangered species? County Parks natural resource managers are responsible for ensuring that these species continue to survive in the face of climate change, which is bringing hotter, drier seasons, increased fire risk, greater extremes in precipitation patterns, and rising seas....

Pescadero Creek flooding

Safe Drinking Water for Pescadero Middle/High School and New Pescadero Fire Station

After years of effort, the rural farmworker community of Pescadero will get safe drinking water for its local school and a solution for its flooded-out fire station. In December, the California Coastal Commission unanimously approved an amendment to the county’s Local Coastal Plan that will allow the 50-year old Pescadero Fire Station to be relocated...

coastal erosion in Moss Beach

Saving Our Beaches

California’s coastal bluffs, cliffs, and iconic beaches face a perilous future, as rising seas and hammering waves, fueled by climate change, are causing increased rates of shoreline erosion. Many beaches have been impacted by shoreline “protection” structures such as sea walls, revetments and rip-rap (boulders) that were installed in hopes of protecting coastal development. Ironically,...

Pescadero Marsh

Why We Protect Coastal Wetlands

  Coastal wetlands are too valuable to lose. They filter our water, help protect coastal communities from floods and sea level rise, and preserve biodiversity. That is why Green Foothills speaks up for protection of wetlands and the wildlife that depends on them whenever development is proposed that may encroach into required buffer zones. Wetlands...

Coast Redwood forest

Species Spotlight: Coast Redwood

If you are seeking an experience of quiet contemplation of nature, there’s no better place than a grove of coast redwoods. If you are lucky enough to find one that is off the beaten path, the first thing you might notice is that you seem to be treading more softly and lightly, as your footsteps...

propane facility

Update: AmeriGas Closes Propane Tank Facility and Puts Property Up for Sale

In a major victory for Green Foothills, AmeriGas is removing their 15,000-gallon propane storage tank and shutting down operations on a 1.5-acre site along Airport Street in Moss Beach, finally removing an ongoing existential threat to the Pillar Ridge community. Risky Storage Tank Threatened Residents, Airport We have been advocating for closure of this hazardous...

Bruce Frymire headshot

Remembering Bruce Frymire

The Green Foothills community was saddened to learn of the passing of Bruce Frymire, an eloquent advocate for open space protection, who was our Santa Clara County Advocate from 1989-1991, and then served as a board member for several years. Bruce’s interest in the environment began in his early years living in a semi-rural delta...

Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail

Half Moon Bay City Council Threads the Needle on E-bikes

The Half Moon Bay City Council made a wise decision on April 4 to allow electric bicycles (e-bikes) on its two paved, multi-use trails along Highway One, while prohibiting them on the recreational Coastal Trail. Green Foothills had recommended this nuanced approach, noting that e-bikes and other e-devices (e-scooters and e-skateboards) are a motorized form...


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