Great News – County Planning Commission denies development on landslide prone, very high fire risk area!

View from Parrott Drive – Skyline Ridge in background

Yesterday, the San Mateo County Planning Commission voted unanimously to direct the staff to return with findings for denial of the “Zmay” subdivision. Thank you to the more than 100 people who responded to our call to email the Commission opposing this subdivision. It would have put future homes and residents at risk of extraordinary hazards from landslides/mudslides and catastrophic wildfire.

Although it is possible the landowners might appeal the Planning Commissioners’ decision to the Board of Supervisors, their unanimous vote is not likely to be overturned.

With climate change bringing increased intensity of storm events, flooding, more severe drought and uncontrollable, devastating wildfires, this is an important victory. We will be advocating for stronger policies and regulations to ensure that safety of homes and people in new subdivisions is a high priority in San Mateo County.

Thanks for speaking up!  Your voice does make a difference.

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