Growing, Rocking & Rolling Together

We’re thrilled to be honoring Joan Baez at Nature’s Inspiration on September 24 at Coyote Ranch.
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Local: Palo Alto Roots
Congratulations to legendary folk singer and activist Joan Baez for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame April 7. We happen to know the humble seeds of her influential career were planted right here in Palo Alto during the late 1950s alongside those of Committee for Green Foothills.

Back then, a young Baez was a student at Palo Alto High School hearing Martin Luther King, Jr. speak, learning guitar, and singing for classmates.

Vocal: Music as Activism
We’re celebrating more than five decades of vocal activism by Joan Baez and Committee for Green Foothills at Nature’s Inspiration this September. Baez’s music is as famous as her tireless work for peace, human rights and the environment including local open space. She has played for presidents, marched alongside Dr. King and Cesar Chavez and protested war and injustice at home and abroad.

Effective: Rocking and Rolling
Baez recently announced that next year’s new album will be her last. However, she remains a powerful voice for people and the environment. A Woodside resident of 45 years, she is no stranger to local activism. Baez worked alongside Committee for Green Foothills and dozens of her neighbors in 2001 to defeat a massive development proposal on the 92-acre Lawler Ranch property in Woodside. She also joined us when we collaborated with the Horse Park in Woodside to restore eroding hillsides and adopt land restoration and wildlife-friendly management techniques.

We’re also hard at work speaking up for local people and natural resources, protecting farmland and open space and advocating for healthy ecosystems. There is still much work to be done.

Nature’s Inspiration promises to be an uplifting day for the greater good and an opportunity for our community to come together in support of the important work ahead. We hope to see you there.

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