Stop the Logging of Old-Growth Redwoods

Redwood ForestA Timber Harvest Plan (THP 1-16-080 SMO (Stoddard)) that proposes logging of up to 64 old-growth coast redwoods and valuable wildlife trees off Highway 9 in San Mateo County is under review by CAL FIRE. If this plan is approved, all but 13 out of 87 old-growth and wildlife trees on this 40-acre parcel will be logged. Join us in asking CAL FIRE to insist on a revised plan that fully protects all 87 of the old growth and wildlife trees on the 40-acre Stoddard property.

Please join us in urging CAL FIRE to protect old-growth redwoods, by completing the form below.

Update: Thank you for speaking up. We are no longer asking people to send emails since this item has passed. Please see this blog post for an update on the issue.

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