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clairehuMeet Committee for Green Foothills’ newest Volunteer, Claire Hu

Hi, My name is Claire Hu, and I’m currently a sophomore at Gunn High School.  Even before entering high school, I’ve always been very interested and passionate about protecting the environment.  At some point in elementary school, I realized that the first step to causing change is to be the change.  Though at the time, volunteering did not cross my mind, I made sure to pick up all my trash, and recycle and reuse paper, cans, and bottles, little things like that.  My classmates watched me with critical eyes, and I felt judged for doing what I believed was right.

Fast forward to today. I’m grateful that I found a wonderful place to volunteer, the Committee for Green Foothills.  Initially, I contacted Elizabeth Sarmiento due to the pressing need for community service hours at school.  I found the organization through a school district webpage and was drawn to the work that the organization does. After helping Elizabeth with a project by taking pictures at the Discovered Coyote Valley event, learning about the area and meeting the people who participated, I realized that I wanted to continue being involved with CGF.  By doing so, I will be able to make a difference in preserving and restoring the natural world around us and hopefully beyond.

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