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CGF Position Statement on the proposal to destroy farmland for east-side Gilroy high speed rail station

(CGF issued the following position statement earlier this year.  -Brian) Committee for Green Foothills Policy Opposing a Proposed Eastern Location for the Gilroy Train Station February 16, 2011 Committee for Green Foothills is reviewing the as-yet incomplete information on the alignment and potential impacts of High Speed Rail between San Jose and Merced.  Even at...


People of Gilroy oppose destroying farmland to construct a remote train station

There’s a good article in the Gilroy Dispatch about the proposed High Speed Rail system and potential train station in Gilroy, and it quotes CGF Advocate Julie Hutcheson.  One potential location is downtown at the existing station, while the other is far east of town where a lot of prime farmland would be lost: Residents...


A victory for San Jose on high speed rail

Today’s Mercury News had a good article with a bad headline in the print version: “High Speed Rail Setback for San Jose” (the online headline is better). The bullet train environmental planning process will now consider a route over Altamont Pass that may, we emphasize may, be more environmentally beneficial. Only doing the study will...


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