CGF Coyote Ridge hike in Morgan Hill Times

Just a quick note that our annual hike to Coyote Ridge got a nice writeup in the Morgan Hill Times:

….Last weekend, I was reminded of this there’s-more-there-than-meets-the-eye lesson here in my own back yard…..How many times does mom need to remind us that the charms of a person or a place may not be evident at first glance? Our guided walk up Coyote Ridge was a reminder than mom knows what she is talking about. A number of phenomena converge here to create a community of rare and unusual interest.


We lunched among the flowers, taking in the beauty near and far. A small herd of tule elk lounged on the ridge below. A prairie falcon darted overhead. A golden eagle drifted across the face of the ridge below. 

In 1868, John Muir, in California for only a matter of days and on his way to Yosemite, walked along this very ridge and later wrote, “the landscapes of Santa Clara Valley were fairly drenched with sunshine. All the air was quivering with the songs of the meadow-larks, and the hills were so covered with flowers that they seemed to be painted.”

The work of good people at the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority (, the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy ( and the Committee for Green Foothills ( have allowed us to enjoy this setting much as John Muir did 140 years ago.

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