8 Ways to Enjoy #NeighborhoodNature

Photo Credit: Jyotirmoy Gupta

As we shelter in place and practice social distancing, here are some suggestions for how to enjoy #NeighborhoodNature and get essential fresh air close to home. Many of these activities can be experienced over a phone call with a friend or loved one.

8 Ways You Can Enjoy #NeighborhoodNature

1. Look down at grass and flowers on a Micro Hike right outside your home. Name everything you find in one square foot.

2. Look up and listen. The sky is cleaner and quieter. Notice the clouds, the stars, the birds, and insects overhead. Breathe in. Do you hear any new sounds with fewer planes in the sky and cars on the roads? 

3. Have a picnic. Open up a door or window, spread a blanket out, and enjoy your next meal as a picnic. 

4. Learn. Get to know the plants and wildlife in your neighborhood. Share what you see on iNaturalist which will help you keep track of your observations and has a community of experts who can help you identify the organisms you observe. You might also enjoy these family-friendly activities to learn about birds and nature.

5. Garden. Whether you have a yard or a windowsill, you can grow food for yourself as long as you have a little sunshine.  Indeed, “victory gardens” are making a comeback right now.

6. Dance. Put on your favorite tunes and either dance on your own or host a cross the street dance battle with your neighbors. You won’t be alone, San Jose neighbors are dancing to beat coronavirus blues.

7. Get creative.Find inspiration based on something right outside your window. Snap a photo, make a bird feeder, write a journal entry, draw a picture, write a poem, hum a tune, or sing a song.

8. Meditate. To paraphrase the famed Italian hermit, “the most beautiful journey of all is the one inside yourself.” Try this Nature Breathing Meditation video as a way of getting started.

These are just some ideas and I am sure you have your own! Please share how you are safely getting fresh air on social media with hashtags #NeighborhoodNature #GreenFoothills. Or respond with an email and we’ll be happy to share it for you!

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