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Isabella G.

Using Her Leadership Skills to Help Her Tribe: Isabella ‘Amne Gomez

Isabella ‘Amne Gomez is a Muwekma Ohlone Youth Ambassador and a first-year undergraduate student at Santa Clara University. Because of her youth leadership work, she was accepted into the Green Foothills Leadership Program during her last semester of high school. She plans to use the skills, knowledge, and connections gained in the Leadership Program to...

Everything Comes from the Earth: An Interview with Lizbeth “Xochipapalo” Amador

Everything Comes from the Earth: An Interview with Lizbeth “Xochipapalo” Amador

The connection between Aztec dancing and the environment might not be immediately apparent, but Lizbeth “Xochipapalo” Amador will tell you why they’re linked. Liz is a longtime member of San Jose Aztec dance group Calpulli Tonalehqueh and is also a 2021 graduate of the Green Foothills Leadership Program. She explains that nature and Aztec culture...

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Bees and High Tech: Kian Nikzad Creates a Buzz

Kian Nikzad was a computer science student at UCLA when he signed up for the Green Foothills Leadership Program to learn how to make a difference for the environment. “I’ve always had a really deep passion for sustainability, but in college I got interested in computer science. I viewed information technology (IT) as a path...

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Building Bridges Over Barriers

Mel Sarmento’s passion is connecting people with the outdoors. This 2020 graduate of the Green Foothills Leadership Program works for Guadalupe River Park Conservancy in San Jose as a Program Director. As a direct result of her participation in the Leadership Program, she now also serves as an Associate Director with Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District...


Learning By Doing: How One Concerned Citizen Deepened His Impact

Bryan Beck is an accomplished computer engineer who has always been passionate about helping the environment. His first foray into local environmental advocacy also happened to be his introduction to Green Foothills: when the Cargill company was fighting to build 12,000 homes on salt ponds along the bayshore in Bryan’s hometown of Redwood City. Bryan...

woman pointing out plants to children

From Retirement to Reach Codes

After a long career at the Environmental Protection Agency, Kathleen Goforth had a 35-year backlog of personal projects to do.  Yet, she decided to add one more to her list: she applied to the Green Foothills Leadership Program. “I was just starting to consider retiring and thought it would kick-start my thinking about what I...


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