Thank You & Happy Holidays!

Thank you for fighting with us in 2017. Whether you made a donation, responded to an action alert, spoke at a meeting, went for a hike, or shared our news with a friend, you were part of the fight for local nature. Thank you.

Thanks to you and our community, we celebrated some important wins for nature and wildlife this past year. Some of the most notable ones were:

  • permanently protecting 30 acres in Coyote Valley, San Jose.
  • ensuring wildlife habitat was not lost at Bedwell Bayfront Park in the City of Menlo Park.
  • saving 60 old-growth redwoods from logging on the Stoddard Trust property in San Mateo County.
  • preventing a 4-acre wildlife corridor from being turned into sports fields at North Crestview Park in San Carlos.

While we celebrate these victories, the battle for local open space continues. In addition to those listed above, we’ve also made progress on many of our longer-term goals. And, together we’ll keep fighting:

  • to protect Edgewood Park’s sensitive habitat from impacts from PG&E pipeline projects.
  • for a wildlife-friendly fencing ordinance in Los Gatos’ hillsides.
  • against Harbor View’s massive office development project across from the Cargill salt ponds.
  • to protect sensitive habitat from a 900-acre luxury home development in the hills south of San Jose.
  • for open space, farmland, and sensitive habitat as part of the Half Moon Bay local coastal program.
  • for wildlife connectivity and farmland in Coyote Valley.
  • to keep Gilroy’s High-Speed Rail station in the preferred downtown location rather than out in the agricultural preserve.
  • for public access and natural shoreline erosion solutions at Pillar Point Harbor, north of Half Moon Bay.
  • to ensure the City of San Jose analyzes the climate change impacts of sprawling into open space.

And that’s just the beginning. Our wishlist for 2018 is long, but we’re confident that with your support we’ll continue to celebrate even more victories for local nature in the coming years.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays from Committee for Green Foothills!

PS: If you haven’t already, please make your year-end gift to Committee for Green Foothills to support this work.

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