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Pleasant Hills Golf Course


Update: On April 26, 2023, the San Jose City Council voted unanimously in favor of a city-led community engagement process for the development of the 115-acre former Pleasant Hills Golf Course site. Hundreds of public comments in favor of a city-led process were submitted. A joint memo from Mayor Mahan and Councilmembers Candelas, Ortiz, and Foley supporting the staff recommendation was approved. Green Foothills will continue to monitor development plans for this site.

On Tuesday, April 25, the San Jose City Council will decide whether to let city staff, or the developer, lead the community engagement process for developing the former Pleasant Hills Golf Course site. Please act by 4/25 to tell the Council to approve a city-led process.

What’s Happening

Last December, the City Council voted to allow development of the 115-acre former Pleasant Hills Golf Course in East San Jose. However, in response to comments from Green Foothills, our partner organizations, and over 1,100 community members, the Council also asked city staff to return to Council with a recommendation for a community engagement process. City staff are recommending holding a series of city-led community engagement workshops to allow for public input into what form the development should take.

Although the developer will be able to weigh in on the format and content of the workshops, they are objecting to this community engagement process, arguing that this process should be entirely developer-led. A process led solely by the developer would be unlikely to focus on what’s best for San Jose and its residents – it would more likely focus exclusively on the developer’s priorities.

Why It Matters

The Pleasant Hills Golf Course site represents a rare opportunity for the City to achieve significant benefits for the community, including new publicly accessible open space. At 115 acres (about the size of 90 football fields), this is the biggest development site that San Jose has seen in decades. Any future planning of this site merits a community engagement process, especially given the magnitude of the opportunity. The process will allow residents to comment on potential uses such as urban open space, housing, and mixed-use development. San Jose residents deserve to have their voices heard regarding a future vision for this huge site.

What You Can Do

Please email the City Council to ask them to support the Planning Department recommendation for a city-led community engagement process, for the benefit of the City of San Jose, the local region, and the community.

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